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Making a Simcha and want to it to be memorable? Your guests will be thrilled with delight with the hostess packages they receive from “Host It!”

At Host It!, we  prepare the finest in custom hostess packages and welcome boxes for your guests for just about any occasion. Whether it be for weddings, Sheva Brochos, Bar Mitzvahs, Aufrufs,  Brissim, Pidyon Habens, at Host It! we have the personalized package that conveys your own message of gratitude to your guests.

We offer the finest quality of fresh baked goods, candy, cookies, fruits, nuts and other goodies of your choice; all packaged in exquisitely designed trays, boxes,   lucite containers and more.  And each one will have your name inscribed to add that personal and warm touch!!

Because we know that making a Simcha in a short amount of time can be most stressful, Host It! is here to make the task a breeze. With Host It! you just place your order and we do the rest, so it is one less detail that you have to be occupied with.


If you’re looking for delectable delicacies or the most fashionable party favors, you’ve come to the right place as Host It! has a complete line to enhance your Simcha!

Busy before Purim? No time to make the kind of special Shalach Manos that you know that family and friends will enjoy? Not to worry.  At Host It! we offer a unique selection of personalized and customized Shalach Manos packages that are bound to add to the excitement of Purim!!

In addition to individual packages, Host It! caters to volume orders often required by businesses, schools and organizations.  Corporate accounts are Host its specialty and we are now offering special discounts.

At Host It! we know that your Simcha is a once in a lifetime occasion and that the memories will endure forever. As such, creating custom orders that have your personal “fingerprint” on them is our specialty. Our experienced team of hostess package designers relish the opportunity to learn more about you; to work with you in tandem to create the packages of your dreams. Call us today to discuss details and special offers.


Hiring a party planner for your most special Simcha? No problem at at Host It!  We roll out the red carpet for these special individuals that pay so much attention to detail in coordinating your memorable day. Our enthusiastic staff takes sheer delight in working with your party planner to ensure that your beautifully crafted hostess packages will perfectly suit your tastes and will astound your guests. And for you party planners out there, at Host It!, we sweeten the pot by offering a lucrative referral/commission program. Call us today to discuss the details and hear about our special offers”  

Contact Host It! at:  [email protected] or 347-415-5145 for pricing and learn more about our summer specials!!

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