Doing it Right: Tips to up your Productivity Level and Reduce Stress

For anyone that may have forgotten, let us remind you that ‘simcha’ means joy. It follows that a simcha should be just that: a joyful experience. Though it is okay for the event and its involving preparations to be mingled with some stress and rankled nerves, it should not be the overwhelming emotion. Let us come up with some practical tips for increasing our productivity when preparing for a simcha while reducing stress at the… Read More

Four Things to Consider before Choosing to Make a Takanos Wedding

Takanos weddings were introduced with the intention of lowering both financial strain and social pressure of the Baal Simchah and the community that endorses it. While the financial benefits are certainly alluring and the idea inspiring, you may want to ask yourself a couple reality check questions to see if you really fit the bill to be the Baal Simcha of a Takanos wedding. As a general rule, Takanos weddings were not intended for people… Read More

Thinking of Making your Own Simcha? Think Twice…

Many people choose to make their own Simcha the primary motivation being the ability to leave a nice chunk of money for their pockets. Some also find it very satisfying to bask in the fruits of their own labor, and others actually enjoy the thrill of all the frenzied preparations. But, before deciding to make your own Simcha, here are some points that you may want to give a little thought to. Is your primary… Read More