Four Things to Consider before Choosing to Make a Takanos Wedding

Takanos weddings were introduced with the intention of lowering both financial strain and social pressure of the Baal Simchah and the community that endorses it. While the financial benefits are certainly alluring and the idea inspiring, you may want to ask yourself a couple reality check questions to see if you really fit the bill to be the Baal Simcha of a Takanos wedding.

  • As a general rule, Takanos weddings were not intended for people who insist on inviting a small country. The halls have guest limits. In some cases, choosing an upgrade is possible, but that always comes along with a fee.
  • Takanos halls have substantial but modest menu options. Think twice about your wedding plans if having a more lavish smorgasbord or dessert table is all important to you.
  • If you were always dreaming about hiring a five piece band at your child’s wedding-dream again. While some Takanos halls will rule against having more than a one-man band, others will allow it, but charge a fee.
  • Photographers are often part of the wedding package. They are hired by the hall and won’t stay to snap pictures or take videos beyond their set working hours. Those that will put their up a scuffle if their picture-perfect wedding dream is compromised may want to consider the standard hall, which calls for hiring a personal photographer.

 Takanos weddings were intended for Baalei Simcha whose joy will not be mitigated by hosting a more modest affair. Good luck in choosing correctly and Mazel Tov!

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