The Peppermill

We are here to make every meal a celebration of your good taste!

 Walk into our store and you will marvel at the assortment of premium cookware and bakeware. Selections range from the basic low-cost tools to renowned high-end items. Our collection of culinary tools and kitchen gadgets include major brands all at excellent prices. In addition, every kallah benefits from a discount on EVERY item she buys—no exclusions! We store your order and deliver at your convenience. Toiveled items are dried and repacked in their original packaging.

What people appreciate most when they shop in our store is the knowledge we pass on to our customers with every item they purchase. We offer advice, free recipes and helpful cooking tips to go along with your new cookware, bakeware and utensils. We don’t like to hear about kitchenware languishing in bottom cabinets, gathering dust. We want our customers to put every kitchen gadget and utensil to good use-every day! Our customers come in to their culinary achievement; they know we share their pride. They feel comfortable calling us for help, even in the middle of a recipe.

In short, shopping for your simcha at The Peppermill is an experience like no other!


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